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Attempts to dump weight by means of the another's (in advance developed) diets usually leads to unsatisfactory result. To grow thin thus also it is inconvenient, as well as to carry clothes from an another's shoulder - to seldom whom it will approach.
Loss of hair - one of the most actual problems with hair and to not solve it simple change of shampoo. First of all it is necessary to put the correct diagnosis for what it is necessary to address to the doctor- (to the expert by illnesses of hair and leather of a head).
The Elastic bust, a proud bearing... The Woman always would like to look is younger. Often surrounding judge its age on a condition of a breast and a zone of a decollete. Therefore care of a leather of these sites of a body is especially important.
There Was a new medical science - smehologija. A science about laughter. That is treatment by laughter. Smehologija, smehoterapija. Any drugstores it is not required. Doctors are free. Be dared - and will be healthy!
The Breast can be both a subject of female pride, and a source of eternal problems. How to achieve perfection, to strengthen and increase a breast improvised means? It appears, to make it quite probably by means of a usual feed, physical culture and massage.

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As a result of carrying out of some researches, the American scientists from university of New York it has been proved, that besides the negative influence on the person the depression conceals in itself and some positive opportunities.
The Russian scientists have found out, that in tears traces peptidov stress - substances contain, which else name natural regulators of the central nervous system. When we cry, the organism is released from peptidov, and we calm down. And it means, that those who does not hesitate to express openly the emotions, are less subject to influence of stress and is faster with it consult.
On ice 28-years world champion on figure skating Sergey Grinkov several years ago was lost. In 21 year an outstanding hockey player Alexander Osadchy has died in bed. On October, 14th, 2008 it is direct on a match heart at the 19-years forward of Omsk club " Avant guarde " Alexey Tcherepanov - rising stars of the Russian hockey has given up.
Economic instability and as consequence, the condition of stress adversely affects on sexual health of men and, naturally, on attitudes in pair. However successful sex is a powerful source of positive emotions and helps to overcome stress. Even in case of sexual problems modern men have a decision to which they can take advantage and return harmony in attitudes.
There Are the phenomena inevitably accompanying our life. They can be both positive, and negative. One of them is the pain. Dental, head or muscular hurt can become the present problem if it is wrong to approach to their treatment. Meanwhile, in different points of globe to a question concern unequally.

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Illness which is knocking down

Such name in an extreme antiquity has received disease so widespread today - varikoznoe expansion of veins. Mentions of this rather unpleasant illness meet in the Egyptian rolls, the collection of works of the great Greek doctor and teacher Gippokrata, the Byzantian codes and even in antiquated texts. But, in spite of the fact that illness is known already during such quantity of time, it till now disturbs millions people, affecting on their health and beauty.

Psychological factors of cold

Try to find among the friends the person who would manage to go through colds, not having given in to cold. Hardly your searches will crown success. It and it is no wonder - inhabitants of cities very often are ill prostudnymi with diseases. The reason of such situation can be the city environment.

How to treat a flu

If suddenly, absolutely suddenly, you have felt very badly though still yesterday were absolutely healthy and vigorous if the thermometer shows 39 and above, "lomit" joints, a stuffy nose, and the head simply breaks up from a pain, most likely, you have managed to pick up a virus of a flu.

Sting of a bee - a medicine for many illnesses

As the ancient legend says, bees have asked for the God that that has helped them to protect the extracted honey. On what the God has answered: I shall give you the weapon - the sharp sting filled by poison. But know - if one of you will turn it against the person the bee will be lost, and the person will recover from the illnesses.

Diabetic retinopatics - advice of the ophthalmologist

As is known, at a diabetes there is a superfluous accumulation of sugar in blood, that leads to shifts in processes of a metabolism in an organism and to infringement of blood circulation mainly in fine vessels (capillaries) of various bodies and fabrics. Vessels of eyes which can be named a target of a diabetes, especially are most vulnerable if it develops on a background of the raised arterial pressure and the raised maintenance in blood of cholesterol, that in itself "beats" on vessels.

Exercises for press and muscles of a forward wall of a stomach

Easing of muscles of a forward wall of a stomach not only does ugly a figure, but can become the reason of occurrence umbilical, pahovoj, a femoral hernia. To strengthen muscles of a stomach, to find a strong muscular corset special physical exercises help.

Hypertension: who in group of risk?

Even if from time to time at you pressure raises, it is not necessary to write off it on weariness, stresses and weather changing. Address to the expert. Your age and a heredity will prompt what to do.

In forty years the life only begins

In forty years the person reaches blossoming of a psychological and vital maturity and, as a rule, is in the good physiological form. This age can be named in the blossoming summer and in an intimate life.

Cancer of a mammary gland - the general information

Breast is complex the body, providing perfect conditions for reproduction of the basic physiological functions: product of milk and feeding of the child. The breast consists of three basic parts: zhelez, dairy channels and a connecting fabric.

Treatment of spots and akne

Such frequent phenomenon as akne, parents of teenagers, probably, already know. We know, that with the years, akne passes, but it does not console the teenagers, suffering in this disease. Parents should render psychological support and as the nobility, how to prevent formation of spots.

Tea from dried up tsvetkov and leaves

Come July and August following it - the most favorable time for preparation of supplies for the winter. Zealous mistresses already with might and main cook jam, do compotes, jams of the kept up berries and fruits. But, unfortunately, many forget, and the some people simply do not know, what fine, extremely useful addition to a table can become dried tsvetki and leaves of usual plants of your garden.

Miracle-berry a water-melon

Water-melon - a magnificent product for maintenance of beauty, health and harmony. Do not pass a short water-melon season and improve with its help an organism.

Fosfolipidy - assistants to a liver

Liver is the major body which is carrying out in an organism set of functions. The liver develops the bile helping intestines to digest food. Besides it serves a pantry containing stocks of vitamins, iron, glikogena, etc. But the most important - the liver should process weight of toxic substances.

Attention - antioxidants!

According to last opening in the field of medicine, destructive work of free radicals is interfered by antioxidants. They raise stability of an organism to influence of adverse factors and slow down process of ageing.

Tonometer helps to warn cardiological diseases

Diseases of cardiovascular system with greater otryvom are in the lead in the list of the most widespread. Experts allocate 9 major factors of risk of development of cardiovascular diseases (SSZ) is an arterial hypertensia, smoking, excess weight, stress, depression, an inactive way of life, lack of vegetables and fruit in a feed, abusing alcohol, infringement lipidnogo an exchange.
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